Irish Academy of Letters: Shaw to W.B. Yeats, 1932

Ayot St Lawrence, Welwyn

20th September 1932

My dear Yeats

I am against myself as President [of the Irish Academy of Letters]. The President should also be a Resident, and should be a man with a presence who loves gassing at public banquets, be state unveilings, and foundation stone layings. The chairman of the Council, who should be a man of business, and who under the rules is often changed, cannot always fill the bill. I am really a London man; and I loathe public functions: there is everything against me. Assuming that you are also no Mahaffy, what about Russell? He is on the spot and has the requisite Jehovesque beard and aspect.



PS Anyhow if I am to be President there must be a resident Vice President, which is d——d nonsense.

From: Lawrence, D H (Ed.) Collected Letters of Bernard Shaw, vol 4, pg 308 – 309

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