Electrifying times at Shaw’s Corner – a project update

Things are progressing well here at Shaw’s Corner with our electrical work. The scenes behind the big green front door today would have been familiar to Bernard Shaw from when he had the property first wired for electricity in the very early 1930s. Although I suspect that he would have very wisely gone on holiday while the work was taking place.

The floorboards are up, carpets are rolled back and all the furniture and bookshelves are shrouded in dust sheets as our fantastic contractors follow the wiring around the bowels of the house. All of the objects are either packed up or protected: whilst Shaw might recognise his home under everything, I’m not so sure that he would recognise himself: here’s a particularly creepy shot of his portrait bust by Auguste Rodin. It can only truly be described as shrouded!

Shaw's portrait bust by Rodin looks more than a little unnerving...

Shaw’s portrait bust by Rodin looks more than a little unnerving…

We’re also taking the chance to redecorate some of our spaces while the house is closed to the public – today we started stripping the peeling paper from the staircase and landing, revealing layers of paint, paper and plaster – dating right back 1902 and the original construction of the house!


Layers of plaster, paper and paint – including original distemper layers above the landing window at Shaw’s Corner.

The gardens are looking spectacular, as spring takes over with a force. Here’s the orchard – the apple trees are just waiting to burst into leaf.

Here comes springtime!

Here comes springtime!

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