Posting a letter in Ayot St Lawrence

This afternoon I needed to post a letter. The Ayot St Lawrence Post Office disappeared long ago, but we still have one small red post box hiding among the greenery just before the pub.  Luckily it stopped raining long enough for me to walk the short distance from the house. Ayot St Lawrence is really very beautiful, and today, with the sun shining after a nasty storm last night, it was really sparkling. One of Shaw’s last works was A Rhyming Guide to Ayot St Lawrence, illustrated with pictures of his walk around the village.  His love of the place comes through in every verse, and I always remember the final lines whenever I come back:

My [letter] disposed of, home I wend to

My proper business to attend to

And where can it be better done

Beneath the fertilizing sun

Than in this parish of Saint Lawrence

 Which holy inspiration warrants

With peace to all creative workers

And boredom to all idle shirkers?

For such as I (if I may say it)

No dwelling place can rival Ayot;

So there I labor at my job

And boil my kettle on the hob

Deeming I have the best of reasons

For staying here through all the seasons.

Here are a few pictures (without a rhyming guide) from my walk this afternoon.

Lizzie Dunford, Ass. House Steward

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