Wells, my boy ….

Wells, my boy
…What needs rubbing in now is that English prosperity has hitherto depended on her contiguous heaps of coal and iron: that is of her early exploitation of these stores of energy. We are now getting cut out because other nations are developing not only their coal and iron stores, but their waterfalls. Now, we don’t develop anything. Nature has given us tides which exist hardly anywhere else in the world, and has provided us with a current in the Pentland Firth which would, if used, mop up Niagra. But we sit staring at the tides and sketching them in watercolours…

In haste, ever
G.Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw: sounding remarkably relevant today! This is an excerpt from a letter to H G Wells from 12th December 1901

Bernard Shaw Collected Letters 1898 – 1910, Ed. Dan H. Lawrence, 1972

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